Farewell to TL;DR Games

Less than two years ago, we started a project to build the best gaming website on the planet. After some brainstorming, TL;DR Games was born. After several weeks and design work, getting everything set up correctly, we soft-launched in June of 2017.

With the vast array of experience our team possesses, it took only a few mere months before TL;DR Games started to rank in organic searches and our hard work writing guides began to pay off. Inclusion in Google News followed, and the release of Destiny 2 catapulted our stats much faster than anticipated.

In June of 2018, we attended E3, once more confirming that we were on the right track. Shortly after that, with traffic continuing to grow, after Pax West 2018, we agreed to the sale of TL;DR Games to the Gamurs Group from Australia.

As of today, the tldrgames.com domain redirects to its new home, Gamepur, which is where all of our content has been migrated to. Reflecting on all the hard work that’s gone into this project, it’s somewhat of a bittersweet way to end the year, but we are beyond happy with the outcome.

There’s more to come in the future from TwoFour Communications, but TL;DR Games will always stand out as our biggest success story to date. Now, back to those podcasts…